Want More Inventory?

Homes On Standby is the Solution

We locate Houses, Condos, Villas, Lofts and Land.

Providing you bonus inventory and a better home shopping experience. Best of all, there is NO fee to the buyer.

Private Sellers

Approximately 10 to 15% of homes sold in the U.S. are achieved as For Sale By Owner. However 3 out of every 4 of those properties will involve a Buyer Agent. They will oversee the transaction from beginning to end. For both our relocation and local buyers the buyer owner is an integral part of our inventory.


Through our affiliation with many of the area retirement communities, we have discovered a significant amount of seniors that are ready to make that next move in the next 2 to 6 months. Often times these homes are purchased in our Stand By™ program without ever being listed on the market.


As a member of the HBA (Home Builders Association) we have many relationships that have a vested interest in people selling their current home. Because building can often take 4 to 12 months these home sellers are receptive to selling without listing.

We had been searching for more than 2 years to find a home. We made offers on two homes but did not get our contract accepted. Little did we know our “ideal home” was on the STANDBY list the whole time!! We found it on the first day! We have relocated several times and had never seen this service before.

Susan F.