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How Do Our Fees Work?

Our listing fee is structured based on how the buyer is obtained and which marketing program is implemented. Never pay more than you have to if your property is in a hot market.





In our full service program, you can actually have a listing fee that does not exceed 1%. This occurs when you as the seller “find the buyer.” This could happen when a buyer responds to your Facebook ad, or word of mouth from a friend. Or, in some circumstances you agree to meet a buyer at your home that we procured. (Note: our minimum fee is $2000)

In our service program, we may choose to refer you to a buyer that purchases your home. This may occur if the buyer contacted us via Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com or some other marketing source. In those cases the listing fee is just the 1% program. However, there are times we have invested quite a bit of effort showing a buyer homes, or the buyer is a relocation assignment given to us. In those circumstances, our fee is just 2.7%.

If you list your property with Fox Financial Realty & Relocation, and any agent other than our listing agent obtains the buyer, the maximum fee is 3.7%.

OPTIONAL: In some situations when there is an undersupply of buyers, some sellers choose the Fox SMART PR program to obtain greater exposure

All four programs above utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Proven Strategies To Sell By Owner

Our goal is to help you take the proper steps to increase the probability of selling your home in today’s competitive market. Fox Financial Realty & Relocation equips you with the right information so you can properly engage buyers, defend your price and achieve your By Owner sale.

Standby Network™

The real estate market at times may not carry enough inventory to suit a local or relocation buyer that has only a short period of time to find a home to purchase. We seek homes where virtually no one else is looking.