Low Flat Listing Fee = just $5,000

Full Service Program To Sell Your Property

This is a full service program. Your property goes into the MLS and we also digitally market it internationally. Program has been in place since 1998.

In this program, the property is given a full service program in the MLS, we oversee every aspect of the transaction. And yet, you can remain in some aspects, a For Sale By Owner.

Plan A – HOW IT WORKS – When there is no additional agent

We list the property in the Hybrid program entering your property in the MLS.

It is simple. If we find the buyer the total fee we earn is the flat fee amount, and your that caps your Realtor expense. If while your property is listed in the program, you find the buyer that does not have an agent assisting them, once again the total fee to accomplish your goal is only the flat fee amount.


Plan B – HOW IT WORKS – When the buyer has an agent

We list the property in the program entering your property in the MLS.

In this scenario, the agent that the buyer is working with will get paid in the range of 2.25% and perhaps up to 2.7%. Let’s say they earn 2.5%. This is often determined based on “how hot the market is” in your price range and immediate area.


Thus, your Realtor fees could be 2.5% of the sale price plus our Hybrid fee stated above. If we sell your property the fees are very low as described in Plan A. Our goal is to sell your home in Plan A as your fee to sell the property, and have every aspect of the transaction overseen so that when problems arise, we can help solve them.

Would you be receptive to discussing this?

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Very straight forward. If while you are selling For Sale By Owner, and you find a buyer that wants to make an offer, we can step in and over see the transaction for a flat fee of $3,000. From beginning to end we will walk both parties through the process.