Inclusions & Exclusions

When are home is purchased, items that you saw during the showing of the property are either included with the purchase (inclusions), or they are excluded from the sale (exclusions).

In real estate, inclusions are based on the concept of “fixtures.” Generally, items that are attached to the home, with the intention that they are permanent are a fixture.

Items not attached to the property are considered personal property and are excluded. Sellers should take these items when they move.  This can get tricky at times, for example, a wall mounted television is not an inclusion, but the wall mount it hangs on is, because it is attached to the wall.

The buyer and seller may agree to include personal property on the sale contract, but the best practice is to have a separate agreement on personal items, as a lender may not want personal property listed on the sale contract.

Below you will find some examples of frequent items sellers have about specific items.