Does Your Contract Call For An American Home Shield Protection Plan?

ATTENTION!! In order to move swiftly through this HPP application, it would be wise to gather the answers on one simple form. We have created the “Answer Sheet” so that you have all the key fields on one sheet of paper. Follow these step to get your home protection plan ordered from American Home Shield. Download the Answer Sheet and Instructions Here.


Logging Into the American Home Shield website

1. Go to
2. Click I’m a Real Estate Professional in the upper right hand corner
3. Click MyAccount PRO in upper right hand corner of the screen
4. Enter the account email in the Answer Sheet
5. Enter the password on the Answer Sheet


Starting A New Order

6. By default, you should be on the New Order tab, if not, click the New Order tab

7. Enter the Property Street Address ex 9 Katsura, Property City, State and Zip Code from the Answer Sheet (1.1) and hit the Search button

If you receive the following message above the Property Information section, “An active warranty order already exists for this property” the other agent has already ordered the Home Protection Plan. Jump to Step 30

8. Complete the Property Size dropdown box choosing if the home is 5,000 sq feet or less or Over 5,000 sq feet as described on the Answer Sheet (1.2)

9. Complete the Type of Residence dropdown as described on the Answer Sheet (1.3)


Entering The Coverage Options

10. In the Coverage Options section:

Under Seller’s Coverage choose the “Do Not Include” option button

Enter the Length of the Contract from the Answer Sheet (1.6) It will be either 1 year or 2 years.

11. Select the option button of the plan name as described in the Answer Sheet (1.4).

12. Once you select the plan, Optional Coverage options will appear on the right. Select the Optional Coverage items, if any, identified in 1.7 of the Answer Sheet.


Almost there!


Sellers, Buyers and Title Company Contact Information

13. In the Home Warranty Information section, choose the check boxes (all that apply) for who the company represents from the Answer Sheet (1.8).

Choose the Real Estate Office on the Answer Sheet

Choose the Initiating Agent on the Answer Sheet

14. Click the Add Seller Information

Add Seller First Name and then Last Name (1.9).

If we our representing the sellers (see 1.8), enter the Seller’s emails and phone number (1.9). Enter them in the appropriate boxes.

If there is a second seller, hit the Add a Co-seller link in the bottom left of the section. Repeat step b.

15. Click the Add Buyer Information

Add Buyer First Name and then Last Name (1.10).

If we our representing the buyers, the Answer Sheet will have the Buyer’s emails and phone number (1.10). Enter them in the appropriate boxes.

If there is a second buyer, hit the Add a Co-buyer link in the bottom left of the section. Repeat step b.

16. Click Add Closing Information button

Click the Add a Closing Company link

Enter the Zip Code number of our title company office (1.14) and click the Search Button

Choose the option button of the title company office address as identified on the Answer Sheet (1.13)

Click Confirm

From the Agent dropdown box, choose the closer’s name as identified on the Answer Sheet (1.15)

Add the Closing Date identified on the Answer Sheet (1.11)


Finishing The Order

17. Click the Submit Order button

18. After clicking the Submit Order button, you will see a Warranty Order pop up window. Click the Order Confirm and Escrow Invoice check boxes for the following emails:

Myself (

Closing Agent (our title company closer’s email

Scroll down until you see “Other”

In the “Other” field and enter the other agent’s email address from the Answer Sheet (1.16)

19. Click the “Add Another Order” button if you need to order an American Home Shield Home Protection Plan for another property or the “Finished With Orders” button if you are finished.

20. Email the Answer Sheet with the checklist items marked to the email on the Answer Sheet to notify the Pending Coordinator that you have finished and so that you can receive your compensation.

You are done! Awesome!

Step 30 – If The HPP Had Already Been Ordered By The Other Agent

Write the following email:

      To: other agent’s email from Answer Sheet (1.17)

      CC: Title Company Closer’s email from Answer Sheet (1.16)

      Subject: Home Protection Plan – [property address from Answer Sheet]

Email Body:

Dear (agent),

I logged into the site to order home protection plan per the sale contract, it appears that you have already completed the task. 

Could you send the confirmation of the order to both me and our title company? Or just hit REPLY ALL to this email.