Setting Showing Appointments and What It Entails

Seller’s Contact Info

Whenever there is a new Listing you will be notified by email. In order to retrieve the Seller’s contact info you will need to jump over to “x setting showing appointments” Google Sheet.

Once there you can quickly locate the Seller’s info by hitting the Ctrl and F key, then simply type in the Home Address to find Seller’s contact info.

Place seller’s name, address and phone number into your phone.

Setting a Showing Appointment

You will receive a text message and a notification message from the Showing Time app. It will show you the begin/end time, date and address for the Showing Request.

Always for the first Showing Request you will call the Seller, introduce yourself and that you work with Bryan and Tom. Share with them that we have their first showing request, tell them when it begins and ends and ask if it is okay to confirm.

Once they say yes to confirm, you will go to the text you received for the Showing Request or go to the Showing Time app. Set the Showing Request Appointment there by clicking the “Confirm Appointment” button then it will take you to the next page and you will click “Confirm Appointment” once more.

Then you will receive and confirmation that the request has been Confirmed.

Cancelling a Showing Appointment

When you are unable to reach a Seller after sending a text, later calling them, and you are still unable to reach them. You need to go to the Showing Time app then click “Cancel Appointment” it will take you to the next page and the Showing Time will ask for a “Reason For Canceling“, you will need to choose “Bad Time” then click “Cancel Appointment“.

Then you will receive a notifaction that the appointment has been cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do I do if a Seller asks me to push a Showing Time back?

A1: First you would ask the Seller what time would they like the showing to be moved to. Then for a quick response from the agent it would be wise to give the showing agent a call and ask them if they could bump back their showing time.

Example: Hello! This is Dan, I’am calling about your showing request for (home address) I spoke with our Seller and they wanted to know if you would be able to possibly push back your showing to a later time? If that works for your schedule?

Q2: What do I do if a showing comes in at 1:30 PM and its 1:30 PM?

A2: You call the Seller and let them know there is an immediate request for that very moment. And these requests do not happen very often with such short notice. Keep the Seller calm, because it will usually help them stay calm if you are calm yourself.

If that showing request will not work for the Seller. Offer the Seller the option to call the agent back.

Example: You are speaking with the Seller: “I could call the agent and see if they are able to reschedule for later today if you would like?”

Thus resulting in possibly saving the showing request and getting the agent in the home, after getting permission from the Seller.

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