Market Value Analysis

Market Value Summary
For relocation companies, we often create a BPO. (Broker Price Opinion). It looks very similar to an appraisal. It is an extensive review of recent closed sales, properties under contract, those that are still for sale, and failed listings / those that did not sell.

Additionally, we reviewed the “market momentum” in this area, price per square footage and when the data is present, we study the ROI (Return On Investment per year).

This usually is evident when a seller receives multiple offers on the first or second day. In a “hotter market” our actual goal is usually to “start a little high” with the asking price. We do NOT want to under price a property.

(For our future discussion )


1. If we are in agreement on the asking price and the brokerage terms, we will need your email address of each party that is required to sign. (Who is required to sign)

2. Our photographer will contact you in 12-24 hours to schedule the photo shoot. (What is required for the photo shoot)

3. Our goal is to be live in the MLS in 2-3 business days unless requested otherwise.

Photography Information