Social Media Marketing – Facebook

Whats your strategy?

Have you ever tried reaching out to your friends, family, colleagues and business partners about your career along with sharing your success without being annoying or intrusive?

Here’s a few tips that will help you with sharing your career and bringing people in that could actually add to your success.

Grabbing Viewers Attention

First you need to grab the viewers attention because that’s what its all about that’s where it count because if you don’t have the viewers attention. You will lose potential clients.

So you don’t have to necessarily come up with a brand new idea or something unique. You need a niche. You need to find that one thing and focus on that, learn it and master it.

Then put it into action and grab the viewers attention. By buying and using Facebook ads and using those ads effectively. Because Facebook’s age demographic ranges from 13-44 and a few people 65 or older.

Which can be helpful because depending on what age demographic you are focusing on. With Facebook the age demographic is so wide, the potential is massive.


In order to have success with the ads you choose and using them effectively you need to hit those viewers only up to 3-4 times because by that point the amount of times your viewers have seen your ad. Your relevancy goes down and then becomes repetitive. The average viewer’s attention span is 7 seconds.


Success Rate of Ineffective Ad Executcion


Sharing In a Way That’s Inviting

Posting needs to be welcoming and subtle almost under the radar but still catches the audiences eye and attention.


We have a home Listed, Sold or are holding an Open House.