Agent Does 100% of the Transaction

agents 14%

success rate

From the 1980’s to the 2020’s over 86% of the Traditional Agent careers have ceased in just 12-36 months, yielding a lowly 14% success rate.


Broker does 100% of the transaction

agents 90%

success rate

While in the last 10 years, 90% of the Progressive Agents have flourished due to the refinement of the agent's role and restructuring of Real Estate Companies responsibilities.

Fact: Every aspect of transaction management and problem solving is on the shoulders of the agent. This method clearly hasn’t worked for the last 40 years. 


There is one simple reason the Progressive Agent has longevity in their careers and far greater income, and it is wrapped in the “partnership” the agent has with what is called an "Certified Industry Advisor".

Have you ever found a property to flip? Would your broker help you fund it?

If you left for vacation would your broker step in to help with your transaction?

If your listing didn't appraise? Would you be alone to solve the problem?

Are you trying to build a business pipeline? Would your broker help you build it?


The Partnership: with a Certified Industry Advisor

As the real estate market came out of the deep recession of 2007-2010, a NEW agent model was birthed. Like many times of turmoil, a great understanding comes from a time of crisis. While some “teams” existed for more than two decades, the concept now ballooned and became refined.

Traditionally in America, agents have been on their own to run every aspect of their business which has resulted in catastrophic failure rates for Realtors. When traditional agents make the shift to work alongside a Certified Industry Advisor they achieve income quickly and close deals more often. 

"I consistently earn $30,000 a year as an ultra part time agent. This program has been amazing!"
Becky Z.



We take proven systems and meshed them with accountability from an experienced industry leader to help you grow your business and your leadership.

Each Certified Industry Advisor has a minimum of 10 years or 300 transactions for experience to ensure your clients are supported and your income flows to you monthly or quarterly.



A Traditional Agent must navigate the maze of 7 critical areas to serve their client's home sale. The agent licensed for 20 days must have the understanding of a 20 year veteran. The lack of support and skill set quickly shortens the career of the Traditional Agent.

The Seven Areas of Mastery:

• Lead generation that consistently produces results
• Survey & Property Boundary issues
• The Psychology involved in Contract Negotiations & Strategies
• Conflict Resolution
• Structural, mechanical, electrical issues
• Business Management
• Property Valuation in shifting markets



The key to the Progressive Agent’s income success is what they “don’t have to do.” The Progressive Agent gets to focus on an easy to execute business plan without the added stress mastering real estate and competing with the 20 year veteran.

The One Area of Mastery:

• Lead generation that consistently produces results

"I was a Traditional Agent struggling to keep up with the competion inside a big brand. It wasn't what I expected. I did not have any support. I earned $18,000 as a part time Progressive Agent, and they did ALL the work for me!"
Anthony P.


Are you part time, trying to accomplish a few sales a year? Or, simply want to refer your business to a qualified producer? Is your production level somewhere between 0-10 deals per year?

The Progressive Path May Be
A Perfect Match For You!

If your goal is to delegate all the paperwork, all the negotiations, that go on 7 days a week, including building inspections, you are possibly a perfect candidate.

If you want to go to the higher level of closing 20, 30, 40 or 100 per year, this program is not for you. We cater exactly to those that want a steady stream of income and not have to learn every aspect of the business. You want the fun part! Not the 7 day per week headache of transaction management.

If you say, "Yes, I would like to earn $1,000-$4,000 per month", we are most likely a match. We won't have you in non-stop training classes on systems you will never use. We provide equipping programs "on how to say things right" when speaking with a friend or a possible client. That is what we help you master.


If you are not committed to going

full-time there is a business plan for you.

"If you are committed to part-time and have no desire to go full-time The Progressive path is the best way to serve your friends, family, and past clients. I enjoy getting checks and knowing everything is being taken care of for me."
Josiah D.

Active Agent

While remaining in a part-time role, there are opportunities to obtain business when effectively trained on how to convert buyers at an open house. Simple and effective on-line no cost marketing and smart geographic farming.

Family and Friends Plan

Are you interested in serving your family and friends only? Do you have great connections, but don't want to do real estate full time?

Referral Only

Delegate everything, and still earn a referral fee for any deals that may come to you.


No Wasting Time Completing
Tasks You Don't Want To Do


No Paperwork


No Building Inspections


No Photography


No MLS Input


No Negotiating


No Transaction Management

We see you as our customer. We provide transaction oversight and communication in areas such as contract negotiations, septic, well, radon, termites, structural, roof, furnace inspections, property valuations, all documentation, listing presentations. The bottom line is we take care of everything.

You are our customer. Our Certified Industry Advisors and staff do ALL of that for you.

We offer a competitive 50% split and save you from doing 98% of the transaction.


A 15 Minute Phone Call Could Change Your Life

Arrange a conversation with us to determine the best way for your business to start moving forward. Don't give up your career, no need to struggle through transactions, no longer pay any monthly or annual fees to brokers.

We have over 30 years supporting and serving agents.

What Are Your Needs?

This will help us determine if this program is a match for you. This will tell us what level of income you desire and how much time you want to invest daily, weekly or monthly. Just be honest and transparent about your goals.

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